Business Services

Maintenance Agreements

Maintenance agreements give you peace of mind and unlimited IT support when you need it. We aim to complete 80% of support calls remotely within 24 hours, so you’ll be back up and running before you know it. Our maintenance agreements can be tailored to your needs and budget. No problem is to big or […]

Network Setup

Network Design: We will sit down with you, work out what you are trying to achieve with your network and what your budget is, from that info we’ll put together a network design to meet those needs. Network Implementation: Once we’ve designed the network and you are happy with it we will get it installed, […]

Email Setup

Microsoft Exchange is the worlds most popular corporate mail server for a reason, it provides email, calendar and contacts on your PC, phone and web browser. The latest version was designed with high availability and disaster recovery in mind to improve performance and reliability. It also features Active Sync to work with hundreds of mobile […]

Custom Built Computers

Off-the-shelf PCs are great, available when you need them and with a spec that’s good enough for 90% of users, however if you are one of the 10% that needs something special then you’ve come to the right place. AJL Computers can build PCs specifically to meet your needs, we can build PCs for CAD […]

Smartphone Integration

We know that businesses these days are always on the move, which means that you need to take your emails and files with you. AJL Computers can help you to make this happen. Whether you are using an iPhone, an Android phone, a Blackberry or a Windows phone we can set it up so that […]

Server Setup

Servers can be used for many functions including as a domain controller, an Active Directory server, document sharing, email server, database server, web server, VPN access point, DNS, DHCP or a mixture of these functions and many more roles too. AJL Computers can build a server to order or configure an off the shelf server […]


To get your website noticed you need to be found when your clients search for you on Google, Yahoo, Bing or any other internet search engine. It’s no good being on page 10, 5 and sometimes not much good being on page 2. AJLComputers can help to get you up the search engine results pages […]


Unfortunately you never know if or when your server is likely to fail.  That’s why you have to make regular backups. AJL Computers can setup, monitor and maintain your backups.  We can configure them to run on a schedule to make sure that your backups are done regularly and we can even arrange for your backups to […]

Web Design

Our website is designed, built and maintained by us. Like what you see? Then why not let us design a website for you too? This website uses WordPress and a custom designed theme, the top info slider uses Jquery to create the funky transitions and the website is built using custom php code so that […]

Home Services

Media Streaming

We are passionate about media streaming, we love  seeing the amazement on customers faces when they realise just how easy it is for them to enjoy all their digital content at the touch of a button. Whether you are trying to watch movies on your living room TV or having the whole house flooded with […]

Computer Repair

From time to time computers  go wrong, whether you have software or hardware problems AJL Computers can help. We can diagnose the problem, replace the faulty part or resolve your software problems. We have built hundreds of computers and repaired even more so hardware faults are no problem to us. We also have Microsoft trained […]

PC Health Checks

If you are finding that your computer is slow to boot up, slow when surfing the internet or slow to open applications then it may need upgrading or replacing, alternatively it may just need a tune up. We’ll take a look at your PC, remove any unwanted software applications, stop anything unnecessary from running on […]

Broadband Setup

Setting up your new broadband connection can be as simple as plugging the router into the phone line and plugging the computers into the router, however it’s not always that simple. Especially if you require WiFi setup and firewall protection. So why not let AJL Computers do the hard work, we’ll configure your broadband router, […]

Virus Removal

Computer viruses can range from relatively harmless, to annoying or even dangerous. Some viruses simply slow down your PC or make adverts pop up in Internet Explorer. Others hijack your PC to send out spam making your PC horribly slow and the worst kind try to steal your personal data or bank details. AJL Computers […]